The first live concert Steven Fox ever attended was ABBA, the second was Queen. The first album he bought was by the Beatles, the second was by Simon & Garfunkle. Growing up in the 70’s, he listened to American AM radio for hours every day. That pretty much sums up the influences that you’ll hear in his music today – diverse 70’s influenced melodic pop, with a heavy British/Scandinavian influence.

Steven’s career in music goes all the way back to the early 80’s when he played bass guitar in a popular Seattle high-school band whose sound and style anticipated the Seattle grunge movement by several years. As a teenager, he moved to London in the mid 80’s where he worked as a musician and sound designer, creating samples and sounds used by major artists and producers on numerous chart-topping hits in the UK and USA.

In 1990 Steven put his music career on hold and moved to South East Asia where he studied Mandarin Chinese, developed the very first, and hugely successful, Chinese language online dating website. Simultaneously, he co-founded what would become the first independent, Asian-based, interactive advertising agency, winning several local creative awards. Before long, this company grew and merged into offices in six Asian countries, hundreds of employees, listing on NASDAQ in 2000.

In 2000, Steven co-founded BehindTheBeat, creating an extensive online resource of hundreds of exclusive songwriter audio portraits, whose clients included ASCAP.

In 2012, having not written and recorded music for 25 years, Steven created Secret Friend.

Steven currently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working on more music for Secret Friend, as well as several collaborations with others.