Introducing: Pages From Ceefax

So a little bit of background: In the early 80's, still a teenager, I purchased a one-way ticket to London to join a band. It didn't matter which band, really, I just knew I had to leave Seattle if I was ever going to make it in music. Historical note: the music scene in Seattle at that time was dreadful (spandex & hair & metal cover bands) and grunge was still yet to evolve from that.

Via Melody Maker classifieds I met Londoner Mark O'Brien who had some great pop songs and was putting together a band. Ultimately the band never happened so we instead became a synthpop duo which were quite popular in the UK at that time. We named ourselves "Pages From Ceefax", which is what the BBC displayed when it was not broadcasting any programmes.

We recorded a bunch of demos and tried to get noticed but things never really took off for us. In 1987 I left London and decided to work in IT instead, and that was the end of my music career, at least until I created Secret Friend in 2012.

Mark and I kept in touch over the years and we recently decided to record some new music together, now that technology allows us to do so easily. New Americas is our first new track together in 30 years. Written and sung by Mark, and produced by myself. Enjoy!!