Time Machine Liner Notes

  1. Who Am I? (3:51)
  2. Something About the Girl (3:59)
  3. Starting Today (3:18)
  4. Never Before (4:58)
  5. Time Machine (5:24)
  6. Oblivious (4:17)
  7. Killing Time (4:01)
  8. He’ll Never Know Me (4:27)
  9. I Don’t Want to Count You Out (3:25)
  10. The Elephant in the Room (3:12)
  11. Another Love Affair (3:36)
  12. Without My Pr0n (5:44)

All songs written by Steven Fox

Copyright © 2013 Odd Tunes. All rights reserved.

Produced by Linus of Hollywood

Recorded in 2012 around Los Angeles USA at Clear Lake Recording Studios, Kingsize Soundlabs, The Lair and The Tackle Box

Engineered by Ara Sarkisian, Carson Lehmen, Lizzy Ostro and Linus of Hollywood

Mixed by Chuck Zwicky

Mastered by Paul Logus at PLX Mastering

Art Direction and Design: Steven Fox

Cover Photograph: George M. Groutas via Creative Commons license