The Perfectly Violent Dream – Bait And Switch (Secret Friend remix)

Secret Friend vocalist Bradley Dean Whyte has his own gig as The Perfectly Violent Dream, which you should definitely check out. I recently did a remix for a track from his new album. I’m quite pleased with how the track turned out, it’s the first time I’ve done an uptempo “dance” track, I may try to do more now. Special thanks goes to Bradley for trusting me and letting me thoroughly destroy his song.

Bradley has merged the track with a trippy old Bollywood movie scene, which is the only way you can hear the track at the moment. Follow Secret Friend or The Perfectly Violent Dream on Facebook for updates.

Sleeper Arrives August 14

I’m pleased to announce that Secret Friend’s second album arrives August 14. Entitled Sleeper, the album features guest artists including Bradley Dean Whyte, Kelly Jones, Linus of Hollywood, Steve Eggers, Willie Wisely and Wyatt Funderburk.

Sleeper retains the acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, and bouncy pop melodies found on Time Machine, then envelopes those with vibrant and psychedelic Electronica arrangements and production. Inspired by the Peruvian rain forest, and produced entirely in northern Thailand, Sleeper is a concept album which takes you on a transcendental journey through time and space.

Music videos will also accompany every track on the album, commissioned from talented animators and filmmakers from around the globe. Three videos have been released already on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Sleeper will be available from August 14 at all the usual online download and streaming sites, and will simultaneously be released as a super deluxe limited edition CD – only 100 copies will ever be issued. More details about that will be announced shortly.

Track list:

  1. Blue Sky [ft. Kelly Jones]
  2. Something’s Happening [ft. Linus of Hollywood]
  3. Anyway How
  4. Any Day Now [ft. Steve Eggers]
  5. I Don’t Know You [ft. Wyatt Funderburk]
  6. Diving In a Sea of Light [ft. Linus of Hollywood + Willie Wisely]
  7. Orbital Velocity
  8. And Ever [ft. Willie Wisely]
  9. Nobody Listens [ft. Bradley Dean Whyte]
  10. Do You? [ft. Willie Wisely]

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is the latest single from Secret Friend’s second album, Sleeper.

Time Machine 2nd Anniversary

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Today is the 2nd anniversary of the release of Secret Friend’s debut album, “Time Machine”. To celebrate, we’re running a 2-for-1 special for a limited time only – when you buy the CD you’ll receive 2 copies for the price of 1. Plus you’ll get a hi-res MP3 download version instantly. You can give the extra CD to someone special, or hang it outside your house to scare birds away, your choice.

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