Rubber Seoul First mini-album

Rubber Seoul


The debut mini-album from Rubber Seoul

I'm thrilled to announce Rubber Seoul, a new project exploring the musical aesthetics of K-Pop. Over the coming months I'll be releasing a series of EPs (or "mini-albums", to use K-pop parlance). Each will feature different approaches to songcraft and production, with the common thread being K-pop. Think of it as Secret Friend on a sugar high. Learn a lot more about the project here.

The First mini-album was produced by Bleu, with vocals by JZMN, and musical contributions from Lee Miles and  Roger Joseph Manning Jr. Album cover photo by Noe Alonzo.

First mini-album will be available for streaming and downloads on April 8

( links will be added here once they become available )

EXCLUSIVE: Head over to Bandcamp right now and you can grab the Expanded Edition of First. You'll also get the original Secret Friend demos which are distinctly different from the final versions. Pre-order and download two tracks today...