Old Dog New Tricks – Taipei Lantern Festival

Here's a quick one I did for Old Dog New Tricks. I recently spent an evening in Taipei shooting some footage at the annual Lantern Festival with my new iPhone 14. I left the camera on default settings, deliberately moved the camera around a lot, didn't focus, and basically tried my best to be sloppy.

Next step was to render the footage using the img2img function of Stable Diffusion, an AI image generator. This was my first time using the software, so as part of the attempt to learn how to use it I tried to break it by cranking up the settings too high and too low. But eventually I got some fun results. Then I edited the video together using Final Cut, combining the live footage with the AI footage.

Final step was I composed the music to reflect the fast-paced, jittery, exhilarating feeling of the video.

This one of those technologies which is moving so quickly that it will look extremely outdated in a year, probably already in fact. So enjoy it while it's still kinda novel.

Besides YouTube, you can stream or download the music at the usual places.