Welcome Back

This is the first post on the new website, welcome. And there’s a bit of news to report.

First of all: about the new website. Everything has been redesigned and polished. Clean slate – all the old content from the previous site is gone now. It was just easier. There is a new ‘fox’ logo which you’ll soon see everywhere you find Secret Friend’s music. Also, not a big deal but there is a new domain name as well.

But the real news is that there will be a new Secret Friend album arriving early 2015. And even before then, individual tracks from the upcoming album will be released, and some new music videos too. In fact, if you look around carefully, you may just find a sneak preview of one of those tracks here on this new website, but only for a very limited time.

During the next few weeks and months I’ll also be sharing some interesting stories about the new album and Secret Friend’s new musical direction.

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